Tugela Falls on second try

Updated: Apr 26, 2019


The first time we were hiking in Drakensberg National Park and the weather didn't really make us happy. Fog was everywhere. Well, what I said, sometimes next time I will try it again. A month later I chose this place again, but I had no idea what beauty was waiting for me.

Beautiful sunset at Drakensberg National Park.
Beautiful sunset at Drakensberg National Park.

Chain ladder at Tugela Falls
Chain ladder at Tugela Falls

So to get to Tugala falls you have to come to Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge where you pay R150 per person for transport (Jeep 4x4 is really a necessity, the road is not in good condition after the rain), which will bring you to Sentinel Peak Restroom from where you walk. The name of hiking trail is Chain Ladder Route and it will bring you to a chain ladder.

Did you climb the 30m ladder already? Super ... on the top there is one more ladder, but don't worry it's shorter than the first one. Are you on top already? Bravo, you just came to the Sentinel Peak (2987metres (10,000 ft) above sea level). Just a few more steps .... 1.5km and you're on Tugela Falls.

I will never forget the beautiful sunset what I saw i Drakensberg National Park.

Beautiful sunset at Drakensberg Nationam Park.
Drakensberg National Park at sunset time.

This is one of the places on our beautiful planet Earth you have to see. Tugela Falls is a species of the longest waterfall in the world. The first one is Angel Fall in Venezuela.

Man shows the beautiful landscape around him.
Look at the beauty arond you.

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