Tugela Falls and how to get there (English)

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Tugela Falls. Picture is taken from the frontier of Lesotho and Republic of South Africa.
Tugela Falls. Picture is taken from the frontier of Lesotho and Republic of South Africa.

Where is it located?

Tugela Falls is a complex of waterfalls located in Drakensburg – national park Royal Natal in province Kwa Zulu – Natal in Republic of South Africa. It´s common to accept it as a second highest waterfall in the world. In fact there is an argument that it´s actually the highest one, not Angel Falls in Venezuela.

Group of tourists from Russia.
Group of tourists from Russia.

Did you know that...?

In 2016 czech scientific expedition realized new measurement, which determined Tugela Falls as 983m high. Data was sent to verification to the database of world waterfalls (World Waterfall Database). Resource of river Tugela (Zulu „Thukela“) is a platform Mont-Aux-Sources, which is located few kilometres away from amphieather which it falls from.

How to get there?

From Johannesburg to Harrismith you use highway N3, which leads to the indian town Durban. From Harrismith to the Qwa-Qwa and then to the Witsieshoek Mountain Ladge. It takes appraximately 4 hours. Here you´ll pay a fee for a transport by Jeep 4x4. Price is R150 (approximately 10 €) for one preson. Trust me, with a car that you have rented at the airport you do not have a chance to get to the Sentinel Car Park. Road is not in the best condition and it takes around 30 minutes to Sentinel Car park. After that you have to walk. If you have not paid fee for hiking (R90) in Witsieshok Mountain Lodge, you can pay at Sentiel Car Park. Do not forget to sign up for a guestbook. Now you can begin a long hike which leads to the waterfall.

Hiking trial is alright and you can find it on google maps as a Chain Ladder Route. It will take you, according to the title, to the chain ladder. Do not forget to enjoy significant view on the panorama. I fell in love with Dragon mountains when i visited it for a second time.

Beautiful sunset in Dragon mountains.
Beautiful sunset in Dragon mountains.

Fun begins here

When we came to the chain ladder for the first time it was a very foggy weather and strong wind was blowing. Some of the tourists gave up and vaited for their group next to the ladder. But this time it was sunny and no sign of wind.

We are almost there

On the top there is a platform and suddenly it´s easier to walk. You will reach waterfall in 15-20 minutes. In summertime you can see here shepherds with flocks of sheep. After 7 kilometres the height above sea level is 3000m. So I beated my personal record which was Gerlachovský štít (2655m) in my homeland – Slovakia. You can find here tourists from all around the world.

Enjoy the view on the waterfall and take amazing photos and videos. If the journey took you 3-4 hours it will be faster to go down. It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes and during that time I was even taking a lot of photographs.

I read on google that the water from river Tugela is drinkable...you can try. I tried and I am still here 😊.

From Sentinel Car Park jeep 4x4 will take you back to Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge.

I was tired but the view on Dragon mountains was unforgettable. If I have the oportunity in the future, i will definitely go again (and I was here 3 times actually).

Beautiful place on out planet Earth.

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