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Vladislav Palenik

    I was born in Slovakia and raised there life only started changing when I got to high school and I met with new school friends and we created music band. By that time I was showing interesting about in digital multimedia. After few years later I started creating Trance music. I wanted my music to be more visualy and I was started creating videos. After several months I noticed that I can do footage for stock shop also. One day when I was about to go make videos and I arrived to a beautiful place to capture my footages I realised that I forgot battery for my external monitor and it was very difficult to make videos because the sun was so bright and my camera screen was not readable so I started taking some photos. And in that moment that's when me and my camera became one and  together getting lost in the world of photography for capturing pictures of places that I had visited and almost of everything that inspires me. That's when I started seeing life and nature in a different and prespective way. I like landscape, flowers, animals, people, street life and everything around me. Since the world can't speak for itself I guess we photographer's we became its voice and I do try my level best to make sure that all my photos are telling a story in many different way even if it's just One single picture. I guess I can say I always had a good eye for photography and I did all of that just for fun untill serious people started noticing my photos serious People, from social media who has been doing photography for years and they say they are very good so that's when I started taking pictures seriously. The comments and the likes I get on my photos surprises me. Sometimes it's hard to believe people when they tell me I got a good eye for photography. Life is really beautiful you must just take a moment to just look at it. I´m not the best photographer you can get but I can take photos that tells a story.






Tel: +421 907 066 211  Slovakia

Tel: +27 787 786 3818  South Africa

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